by studiosourcemv

We wanted to add fun pieces of the island’s past to our client’s newly built home and while searching through a box of vintage Martha’s Vineyard postcards we stumbled upon some really great ones. They interested us not only for their images of bygone days but also for the notes written across them. What was most fascinating were the very personal messages that people would write on the front of these cards. It didn’t seem to bother the senders that anyone holding the card could read the note written there. Until 1907 private postcard companies were not allowed to have “divided-back” postcards and so people were forced to send messages on and around the images on the front. Most had typical vacation messages but a few stood out from the rest. We couldn’t resist and bought our three favorites. 

We wish we knew more about the people who wrote these cards but history has left us only our imaginations!

 Bluffs at Innisfail, Martha’s Vineyard, MA Copright 1905

“I want to know what ma told you heard about me, she won’t tell me.” Signed Louise

Postmarked 1911

 Oak Bluff, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“This is the way to keep cool.” Signed Jones

Postmarked 1905 

Church at St. Paul & Rectory, Warren, MA

“Ma, there is a dance given by the BDMQ church Thursday night and I got a bid to go. So will you please spare me twenty five cents. Wish you a happy new year, will expect the money.” At the top of the card: “You know I will have to go to get over the effects of Tuesday night. That woman struck me funny.” Signed LM 

Postmarked: 1906

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