Coming around again…

by studiosourcemv

During a Brimfield treasure hunt, we stumbled upon two antique French riddling racks. We fell in love with the slightly distressed wood and small cubby holes. We brought them back to the Studio and have used them as a way to display some of our favorite fabrics.

 Originally they were created as a way to remove sediment from champagne during the second fermentation of the sparkling wine. Each bottle is placed neck down into one of the cubbies. Everyday they are taken out, lightly shaken and turned by a Remuer who has has been specially trained.

  Because it isn’t cost effective anymore to have someone manually turn the bottles everyday, only the finest champagnes are still made using this age old tradition. Maybe that’s why it tastes so good!

In our studio, drapping fabric is a unique way to display some of our favorite textiles.


Today riddling racks can be used as wonderful ways to store a personal wine collection or, even as containers for edible gardens. Here are a couple of our favorite uses.

Using a riddeling rack as a wallcovering is a great way to add visual interest.

 Use to create an edible wall! A beautiful way to maximize space in a small garden.