Where the home is…

by studiosourcemv

The old saying “location, location, location” means more than just finding the right neighborhood. For our Architecture team location is also about insuring that a house harmonizes with its’ site. For this new construction project Peter Breese designed a house that emphasised the site’s beautiful pond and ocean view.This resulted in a unique floor plan that nestles into the landscape.  As a way to showcase the long graceful lines of the house we designed a custom Dining Room server that featured the floor plan. We commissioned artisan Marty Harris of  Marty Harris Furniture, who used a balance of time-honored techniques and modern innovation to build it. The piece features six custom drawers that open with a spring mechanism activated by pushing in the drawer front. The design of the house is cut into the walnut shelf. It is accented by a Brooks Custom zinc back panel, complete with integrated down lighting and dovetailed drawers. The server is a beautiful reminder that for this Vineyard summer house location took on a whole new meaning. 

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