Treasure Hunting….

by studiosourcemv

Studio Source MV is brought to you by Breese Architects and Interiors Studio Martha’s Vineyard.

On a recent buying trip we reconfirmed the idea that you never know where you’ll stumble upon a great find. Portobello Road, in Edgartown, has a great eclectic selection of art as well as new and found objects. As we perused the isles on a hunt for an old tin shelf we found a great option that was unfortunately too short. Crossing our fingers, we asked the woman behind the counter if they had any others. She told us they might have another in their storage room.

The back space was unlocked and we were ushered in with the warning that we probably wouldn’t find anything but were welcome to try. It was full of funky old odds and ends. As we waded through old pottery, baskets, chairs and tin lunch boxes (picture American Pickers, except in heels!) we found a pair of old shutters with beautiful peeling turquoise paint and carved half-moon details….treasure! We quickly scooped up our find and brought it to our clients house. They were hung side by side in his guest bathroom as a fun pop of color and a funky place to hang towels. The weathered texture of the doors is just awesome and we never would have found them had we not asked to step inside a storage room.