Seeing the light….

by studiosourcemv

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We are so excited to share the work of Lighting Artist Stuart Haygarth with you. Ok so his first exhibit was about six years ago but we were recently  introduced to his work while visiting the London Design Museum this fall,  his Spectical Chandelier became one of our favorite discoveries of the day. Haygarth re-purposes glasses that are donated to charities but for whatever reason are unable to be used. He saves them from the incinerator and gives them new life as art.  The dappled light that the lenses produce is stunning.  The pictures, though lovely don’t do justice to what a truly unique chandelier it is. Our favorite part is that you can buy Haygarth’s chandeliers! Not to worry if the one we’ve featured seems to long for your room, they come in different sizes! They really must be seen to be appreciated, so check out his exhibition the next time you’re in London. If, like most of us, that London trip won’t be happening any time soon, stop by his website and see about purchasing an original work of art for yourself!

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