Divided we stand

by studiosourcemv

Studio Source MV is brought to you by Breese Architects and Interiors Studio Martha’s Vineyard.

So, you buy or rent a beautiful space after falling in love with its great open floor plan.  Then after living in it for awhile you start to think about how nice it would be to have a bit of division in the space…not whole rooms but just something to show that this is the Living Room and this is the Dining Room. Now the question aries, do you build or buy something to define different areas, blocking out natural light and the feeling of openess?

Once upon a time room dividers were just that, pieces used to define and seperate large rooms. Thus creating cozier spaces that would also provide a sense of privacy. They were made to move around easily but were often bulky and blocked the light. Well…not anymore.

People are defining areas in some interesting ways and still keeping the space true to its open feel. Using recycled pieces, such as windows and doors, allows the room to still have that openness and lets  natural light shine through. Here are some of our favorite ideas to divide and define your large open space…..we are currently working on an idea to define a bathroom space, we’ll keep you posted!