Soak it all in…

by studiosourcemv

Bathroom by Breese Architects and ISMV image by Brian Vanden Brink

Studio Source MV is brought to you by Breese Architects and Interiors Studio Martha’s Vineyard.

One of the keys to designing a beautiful space is creating a focal point. For the bathroom, new designs in bathtubs are helping to make choosing a focal point a lot easier! There are so many beautiful designs by companies like Kallista, Lacava and Wateworks that the tub is finally working its way into the spotlight and being used as features in, often accompanying dramatic views.

The bathtub is the one space in the house,  there simply for you to relax.  That is why it should get  the commanding views.  As Architects and Designers we’ve been fortunate to work with clients who really want to take their bathrooms to the next level. Designing the bathroom around the tub we have been able to give clients a feature in their house that allows them to slow down and soak it all in.

Bathroom by Breese Architects, image by Shannon Roddy