Railing aganist the ordinary…

by studiosourcemv

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As Architects and Designers, we know how restrictions can impact a project. Sometimes these restrictions come in the form of budget limitations, while other times there are those troublesome building codes that have to be met. When faced with these challenges we take an opportunity to be creative and think a little outside the box.

Take railings for example. Staircases, porches and decks all have height requirements. But, this doesn’t mean that your railings have to be ordinary!Think of it as a chance to do something different. Try using a material not normally seen as a railing or add details to make them more visually interesting…here are some examples from our own work to show you what we mean…

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Meeting requirements doesn’t have to mean design has to be dull…… it can be just the opposite. Thinking more creatively can make the difference between a home that looks just like all the others and one that expresses your taste and panache! Embrace constraints, it could just make you look at your design in a whole new light!