Before and After…

by studiosourcemv

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On our first visit to a client’s space, we always look at their existing furniture. What do they want to keep? Is there any piece that we can give new life to and use in the new design? Some furniture has to be worked into a design because of the client’s love for it or because they’re attached to a piece that’s been in the family forever. That doesn’t mean that we can’t freshen it, giving it a makeover with new fabric or paint color.  Nothing is impossible…at least as designer’s that’s what we tell ourselves!

One of our clients had a love seat in his upstairs Guest Bedroom that had great lines and fit really well in the space. But, it had a fabric that we all thought was a bit boring.  He had aquired the love seat when he purchased the property and didn’t have particularly strong feelings about it. We advised him to keep it but let us re-upholster it in a fabric more in keeping with the new design scheme.  We found a wonderful Mark Alexander stripe that gave the piece the bold tailored look we had in mind. Finally, we stained the feet dark walnut, adding to the masculine feel of the overall design.

The end result is a beautiful, sophisticated piece that is now an important part of not only the Guest Room but in the way the whole house looks and feels. And all it took was a few simple updates!

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