Outdoor kitchen

by studiosourcemv

Every project large or small presents interesting challenges.  We recently completed an outdoor kitchen for a vacation home on the Vineyard, the challenge in this case was to build a kitchen into an already existing backyard retreat. Not only did the design have to fit in with the rest of the decor but it also had to look like it had been there since the beginning and wasn’t an afterthought.
When we started thinking about materials we realized that everything we picked had to stand up to all the crazy weather we get on the Vineyard, and for many years.

Granite was the obvious choice for the counter tops what else could look that nice and be that solid? Another thing we decided was we had to put as little wood in it as possible. Solid stone legs got brought into the picture and coexisted well with the design of the already existing pool so it was decided. The next thing we faced was attaching the granite to the stone legs. For this we used metal braces on the underside of the granite. Shelving was the finishing touch and also one place we knew we would need to use wood in.  We decided on weathered fir a strong wood that can withstand high winds and isn’t prone to warping just the combination we needed.

Bringing all these elements together created a look of layered textures which fit perfectly into this backyard oasis.