Design Spotlight: The London Underground….

by studiosourcemv

While looking through pictures from our lead Designer Kristen’s recent trip to London, we were continually intrigued by the Underground. Interesting art be it mosaics or murals were found around every corner!  It  had us wanting to know more about the design history of this London institution…  With its creation in 1863 the Underground lines and stations were built by various private companies, can you  imagine how crazy it must have been? In the 1930’s the London Passenger Transport Board was created, uniting the Tube lines and other modes of transportation in the city. The CEO at the time of its formation was Frank Pick.  As a patron of the arts he commissioned leading artists, architects and designers of the day to help create a highly recognizable brand for the company. Designers like Enid Marx and Marion Dorn created bold textiles for the new train’s upholstery, and artists like Man Ray made publicity posters. Pick believed that his organization had a responsibility to inspire as well as educate, by making art and design accessible to everyone in the city he achieved that goal. If you wanted to see what was new and exciting in the world of design, all you had to do was step into the Tube!  Sadly, by the 1950’s the designs that Frank Pick worked so hard to create were gone. luckily interest in the Tube as a space for art and design has resurfaced and some new things taking shape on the lines. So far we like what we’re seeing and just hope the trend continues! Click on this site or stop by the London Transport Museum… we promise you wont be disappointed! 

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